All of our knitwear products are handcrafted in a small workshop in South India. Highly skilled women artisans from the surrounding villages often work in small groups from home in their spare time. It helps them to earn good wages, benefits of free health care for their families and a retirement fund. Each product is created by hand and we feel any little imperfection is a part of its unique beauty.

We work with artisans who run a small family workshop in Rajasthan. Each part of the process takes place in the community:block carving, dyeing, printing, washing and ironing. Blocks are carved by hand onto teak wood, which are then used to hand stamp the cotton, which is laid onto tables. The sun settles the dyes on fabrics as it dries outside. Small imperfections from drips and edges of the blocks are sometimes visible and are only a sign of its uniqueness.
It's a heritage craft practiced for hundreds of years. Our weavers are based out of small villages in North East India, where they work from their homes. The process is very complicated, slow and labour-intensive as no machine can replicate the hand feel and complex motifs of these fabrics. We take necessary steps to preserve this craft and give constant employment to the weavers.