It's been ten years since we opened our little shop Bunti in South Goa, it has evolved in many ways, but the ethos still remains the same. We have created the brand Bunti around the core values of celebrating traditional artisan’s craft, to support skilled workers and the communities that they are part of. We are always keen on creating timeless and versatile pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime. 

Our journey with Bunti started when we were amazed by India and its culture. Rich colours, tastes and inspiring landscapes enticed us to keep visiting India more and more. During our travels within India, we started exploring beautiful textiles, fabrics and traditional processes like hand weaving and hand block printing. That's why our aim is to feature textiles inspired by the places we visit and the artists that we discover along the way. The aim is to inspire our customers through sharing the craftsmanship of the artisans who make the beautiful pieces.


We believe that our choice of clothing can serve a greater purpose. All of our handmade collection features artisan-made textiles. These collaborations help to sustain heritage craft and provide ethical employment to the weavers, knitters, printers and their families.

We choose to work with small family run workshops across India. We visit them several times a year to ensure happy and safe working environments and it also offers us the opportunity to appreciate their skills and care with which every piece is made. We promote an ethical and sustainable practice in the fashion industry whilst maintaining a conscious lifestyle for ourselves and for our children.