This Fundamental Code of Conduct is applicable to all cooperatives, charitable trusts, and NGOs that produce goods for Bunti.

 Bunti understands that varied legal and socio-cultural environments exist in different parts of the world where cooperatives operate.

 This Code of Conduct sets forth the necessary requirements that must be met with by an organisation, in order to do business with Bunti.

Through this Code of Conduct, we intend to remain transparent while effectively communicating to our suppliers, staff members, and third parties, our  expectations from them.

This Code of Conduct is non-negotiable. Every individual, group, business, organisation, and/or supplier that partners or collaborates with Bunti in any way is required to strictly adhere to this Code of Vendor Conduct with no exceptions or reservations.

This Code of Conduct consists of some of the most fundamental expectations and requirements necessary for ethical business collaborations, and smooth operational Procedures.

This code is updated regularly according to our learnings from self-evaluation and regular research. The goal of such self-evaluation and research is to allow for constructive changes and proper functionality.

This Code of Conduct comprises our concerns regarding the ethical practices we wish for our associates to adhere to. That said, it is our conscious effort at Bunti to work only with reputed, trustworthy designers and manufacturers, with a view to ensuring the highest standards.

Customers of Bunti can thereby remain assured that the products they purchase from we are produced under fair, humane, dignified conditions.

We always operate in lawfully acceptable conditions, and all legal compliances are always followed. Our trade relations are fair, honest, and ethical at all times, and we only associate with those that uphold the values of dignified labour, fair trade, and lawful business operations.

We are against the exploitation of all humans and animals, especially artisans from vulnerable population groups. We are also very mindful of reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Several important steps are involved in creating beautiful, earthy clothes using organic colours and hand-weaving techniques. At BUNTI, we have a deliberate reverence for our designers and their art.

We make routine visits to various parts of the world visiting the studios of our designers, to ensure a healthy bond professionally and also lasting relationships.

We are dedicated to eradicating serious problems that come up within our community of artists owing to a lack of resources and funding, by concertedly raising awareness about these issues among the general public and our customer base.

When procedural glitches come up in our dealings with our designers, we collaboratively brainstorm, strategize, and come up with mutually beneficial action plans. BUNTI provides dedicated support to the designers at every stage of the production process.

We expect complete compliance from our brands regarding the wellbeing of the

craftsmen and artisans that make their organic fabrics, and our deliberately stubborn that our fair-trade guidelines are adhered to. In the event that a certain brand is unwilling or unable to adapt to our fair-trade guidelines, we deem it best to bring our professional relationship with the said designer to a close, for the wellbeing of our artisans and customers.