• Waste management should be carried out in keeping with local laws of the place

   where companies or individuals or groups are located.

  • Waste disposal should be carried out consciously to ensure minimum

   environmental impact, while taking care that the local population is not


  • BUNTI recycles all the waste that can be recycled, and expects the same from

   its designers. We encourage our suppliers and associates to consciously make

   recycling a part of their waste disposal routine.

  • We further expect our brands to minimise their energy consumption wherever

   possible, in order to be more energy efficient.


 We follow time-tested demand prediction techniques to avoid over-production and inventory clutter, season after season. This means, we are rarely stuck with leftover clothing. Such practices also ensure that every season, we’re able to offer fresh designs, patterns, and themes to organic textile and slow fashion connoisseurs.

Occasionally, we do end up with small amounts of leftover organic clothing from previous seasons. In such cases, we make it a point to either use them smartly in our daily operations, or donate it to charities for children and the less fortunate.


When producing organic fabrics, we make sure that raw materials are not only processed organically, but also grown organically to ensure sustainability, and soil and water preservation. The organic cotton used is grown without toxins, using non-GMO seeds and natural fertilizers to ensure that the soil and air remain clean.

Organic cotton farming takes up less than half the water and energy that conventional cotton farming takes up. In the long run, conventional cotton farming damages the soil quality and leaves large pieces of land unyielding in nature.

When organic cotton farming is practiced on a piece of land, the cotton farmer is able to use the land for growing other crops as well, once the cotton season is over. Such farmers are able to live quality lives, educate their children, and ensure the welfare of their families.


We are animal lovers and tree-huggers at heart. Environmentalists at the core, all of us are individually and collectively concerned about the welfare and safety of animals and birds. Because we promote natural textiles such as organic cotton, organic wool, and natural linen, animals and insects are our partners in the process of fabric production.

We only source from the most eco-sensitive wool producers who support the highest standards of animal husbandry and sustainability. It is of utmost importance to us that the animals who provide our designers with raw material for our organic clothes are treated with unconditional love, reverence, and care at all times.

At BUNTI, we vehemently refuse to be involved in any kind of animal cruelty, or animal mistreatment for our benefit. From time to time, shocking incidents pertaining to mistreatment of animals are reported in the press; we find such incidents heart wrenching and unacceptable. We wish to assure our customers and stakeholders that BUNTI never has supported and never will support associations, groups, or individuals who directly or indirectly become party to the abuse of animals.